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Before making his Cannes debut, V poses with Lisa from BLACKPINK as BTS ARMY bomb.

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The entertainment industry is full of unexpected events, and lately, a star-studded event captured the interest of fans throughout the globe. V, a member of the very popular BTS, grabbed attention when he posed with Lisa from BLACKPINK at supermodel Naomi Campbell’s birthday celebration. The lavish event, which was hosted in advance of V’s anticipated Cannes debut, sparked interest among BTS fans, who were also curious about Jennie of BLACKPINK’s whereabouts. Let’s go into the specifics and summarise this exciting experience bts army bomb.

V, a member of BTS, has not yet appeared in Cannes. He had previously gone to Naomi Campbell’s birthday party. Lisa, a member of BLACKPINK, was also seen bts army bomb.

bts army bomb

A large number of celebrities and Naomi Campbell’s pals attended the celebration of the model’s 53rd birthday in Cannes, France. Online images of the model are widely available. Naomi appeared alongside BLACKPINK singer Lisa and BTS member V in one of the images. (Read more about BLACKPINK’s Jennie hugging Lily-Rose Depp at Cannes and how bts army bomb V fans are ‘waiting for main character Kim Taehyung’)

bts army bomb donned a black ensemble, including slacks and a jacket with a silver border, in the picture. Lisa was spotted wearing a matched pair of black and silver pants with a silver shirt underneath. Naomi chose to dress in all white. Lisa moved closer to the model as she posed in the centre, grinning for the camera. V took a photo while posing on her opposite side.

A fan responded to the image by asking, “What in the name of K-drama is this? Together, bts army bomb V, Lisa, and Naomi Campbell. Someone another asked, “Where is Jennie? Missing her. The remark said, “Lisa and V wow rockstar and superstar together.” “V and Jennie in Cannes,” a person posted on Instagram. Do they both plan to attend the party? Oh my god Taehyung is perfect! Lisa and Naomi Campbell’s birthday celebration,” said another admirer.

V announced on Monday that he will be making his film festival debut at Cannes. The South Korean musician, whose true name is Kim Taehyung, announced on Instagram that he will be attending the 76th year of the famed film festival. As the world ambassador for French luxury label Celine, bts army bomb will attend the gala.

Greetings from Cannes! The invitation was issued to him by Peter Utz, Celine’s Head Director of Couture and Events, and was shared by V. Just hours before Jennie walked the Cannes red carpet, V posted. There are rumours of a romance between the idols bts army bomb. On May 27, the movie gala will come to an end.

bts army bomb, who will be in The Idol alongside The Weeknd and Lily Rose-Depp, went to the event for the series’ Out of Competition screening. The much-anticipated new HBO series The Idol calls itself the “sleaziest love story in all of Hollywood”. In the play, Jennie, who goes by the stage name Jennie Ruby Jane, made her acting debut. The show will be shown on June 4.

V, who is renowned for his extraordinary skill and kind demeanour, made a big impact when he showed up to Naomi Campbell’s birthday celebration. V used the event to show off his social connections and immerse himself in the flash and glamour of the entertainment industry. A bevy of celebrities, fashion icons, and musicians attended the party. Fans of both groups were abuzz when they saw V posing with Lisa, one of the most well-known members of the bts army bomb K-pop group BLACKPINK.

The ARMY, or BTS supporters, are recognised for their unrestrained zeal and love for the members. The news of V’s attendance at the high-profile event sparked their interest. Fans soon filled social media sites with comments and conversations about V’s appearance at such a prestigious event, expressing their delight. While V and Lisa’s surprising bond was being praised by fans, Jennie from BLACKPINK was also the focus of their questions.

The gifted rapper and BLACKPINK singer Jennie was absent from Naomi Campbell’s birthday celebration. It’s crucial to understand, however, that the importance of V’s contact with Lisa is not lessened by the absence of one of the group’s members. The entertainment business is ever-changing, and performers sometimes have demanding schedules and other obligations that prevent them from appearing at events. Individual members often participate in a variety of activities, and fans appreciate and are aware of these professional choices.

The friendship between bts army bomb and BLACKPINK has always been appreciated by their respective fan bases. They understand that friendships and intimate connections go beyond the confines of their different fandoms. The interaction between V and Lisa not only demonstrates their support and respect for one another, but it also represents the community’s harmony and shared struggles. It serves as a reminder that musicians can work together, engage, and value one another’s abilities, creating a fun environment for audiences to enjoy.


Fans all around the globe were thrilled by V’s attendance at Naomi Campbell’s birthday celebration and his picture opportunity with Lisa from BLACKPINK. BTS fans wondered where Jennie was as they admired V’s alluring beauty and praised his connections. It’s important to note, however, that the absence of one artist does not lessen the importance of another’s experience. The interaction between V and Lisa demonstrates how the entertainment business is unified and supportive across all fandoms. It is a celebration of the common love and support that artists and fans value equally in this dynamic music and entertainment industry.

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