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Bandmate V plans to visit Jungkook to get his cooked makguksu after hearing about his military enlistment; the military goes crazy!

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BTS Military

For bts military and its supporters, the bts military enlistment, the subject of bts military enlistment enrollment is undoubtedly a big topic of conversation. The spotlight switched to the remaining members, especially Jungkook, who just broke his silence over his enlisting aspirations, when Jin and J-Hope started their bts military enlistment training.

V, also known as Kim Taehyung, spoke with fans and recounted his most recent activities during a Weverse live session. Before going back to Seoul, he stated attending a number of events in Cannes, France. When questioned about his recent activities, V jokingly admitted that he had spent time playing alone in his room.

A supporter enquired about V’s meal plans as they continued to speak. He mentioned wanting some Mak-guksu, a kind of buckwheat noodle. V answered that he had already made arrangements to see Jungkook and have a lunch together when one fan suggested that he ask Jungkook to make it for him. He added that he’d spoken to Jungkook earlier in the day and was eager for their encounter.

The bts military enlistment was thrilled to learn this and anxiously awaited a photo or update showing the two stars enjoying time together. V’s visit to Jungkook was not to talk about his bts military enlistment enrollment but to eat a dinner that he had cooked.

Jungkook recently expressed his opinions on the subject of his enlistment, saying that he intended to join the bts military enlistment and leave in a calm way. He discussed reducing the length of his hair gradually rather than shocking everyone with a buzz cut. He jokingly referred to it as “hair-lighting” and said that he intended to keep shortening it until people were immediately aware of the difference.

bts military members still support one another both collectively and individually as they approach their ten-year milestone. The relationship that V and Jungkook have built since their 2013 debut is still strong, and their supporters excitedly look forward to their future achievements.

The military enrollment of the members of the South Korean boy band bts military enlistment is a major topic of conversation, so they are not only thinking about their individual careers. Jungkook recently broke his silence over his enlistment and described how he would progressively chop his hair short after Jin and J-Hope started their training. After Jungkook’s admission went viral online, his bandmate V recently made a surprising announcement about a visit to Jungkook.

Since their 2013 bts military debut, V and Jungkook have had an unshakable friendship. In a few months, the band will mark its ten-year milestone.
After attending many parties in Cannes and a CELINE party in France, Kim Taehyung, better known as V, just arrived in Seoul. The K-Pop artist stopped by a Weverse live session as soon as he got back to talk to his fans. The singer also disclosed that he will visit Jungkook, but not to discuss his military recruitment, but rather to enjoy a dinner that he had cooked, as he responded to several questions posed by the bts military.

An audience bts military member questioned V, “Taehyung, what have you been up to lately? I hope you’ve been doing well and taking advantage of many wonderful things. He said, “Recently, I played there again (laughed) in Taehyung’s chamber. Nobody there recognized me. V responded to a question from a fan by saying, “I’m thinking of having Mak-guksu (buckwheat noodles) today.”

V claimed he already had plans to see Jungkook, despite a third fan’s bts military suggestion that he ask his bandmate to arrange it for him. “I already called him earlier this morning,” he added. Tomorrow, I’m going to go over and eat it. The bts military went crazy in anticipation of seeing a photo of their two heroes together soon.

Jungkook recently revealed his enrollment, saying, “Ah, I have to go (to the military), too, though,” to the unaware. I’ll go and come back calmly. He stated that he will progressively shorten his hair instead of having a buzz cut to avoid shocking anybody. He said, “I’ll progressively shorten my hair rather than chopping it all off at once. I’ll keep cutting my hair shorter until you folks start asking, “What, when did his hair become so short?” It’s a bts military technique known as hair-lighting (a play on words from gaslighting). When was his hair buzzed?”

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