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BTS 10th Anniversary: Jin’s heartfelt letter for ARMY to BTS V’s unseen videos; how members are celebrating

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BTS V aka Kim Taehyung sent fans the funniest never-before-seen videos on the occasion of BTS’s 10th anniversary, while Jin, Jimin, RM, Jhope, and Suga all submitted sincere notes of thanks to the ARMY. Take a look at the BTS news’ celebrations.

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BTS 10th Anniversary: A decade has passed since the phenomenal band bts news made their debut and embarked on a quest to make everyone fall in love with their music and life philosophy. On June 13, 2013, the members of BTS V, also known as Kim Taehyung, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, Suga, Jin, and Jhope, made their debut. Ten long years later, thanks to their enormous success and the BTS ARMY, as their fans are known, they are without a doubt the most well-known names in the world. As fans share their greatest moments from bts news career, social media is saturated with recollections of their journey. BTS news have sent thank-you messages to the fans and published previously private images and videos as a sign of appreciation bts latest news.

Jin, who is presently in the military, published a photo on Instagram with the hashtag ‘ARMY’ in capital letters. He also posted a touching statement on Weverse thanking everyone for their support over his ten years as a BTS news. I’ll be there for you on the 11th anniversary, Kim Seokjin wrote. Our ARMY, you have made it possible for us to celebrate our 10th anniversary, Jin stated. According to a proverb, mountains and rivers change after ten years, but bts news and ARMY’s love hasn’t. The fact that I can’t be with you all makes me sad, but I really want to provide you some kind of 10th anniversary stuff. I should have recorded more stuff before to enrolling. How to transmit this broken heart is beyond me bts v.

As there are only 365 days, or a year, remaining in my military duty, I won’t go home when I finish serving; instead, I’ll go to the company and meet you all via Weverse Live. I am aware that the members who are felt will work hard to continue with the 10th year anniversary material.

Although it’s early, I can remain at home and return; nevertheless, I won’t make any arrangements and will be with you on the 11th anniversary. I’m ecstatic to say this, at the very least. We appreciate you being here for our 10th anniversary, and we hope you stick around until our bodies are ready to perform on stage.
BTS V, aka Kim Taehyung, uploaded a ton of previously unreleased footage of the members on his Instagram stories, including clips of them practicing their dance moves or having fun with Jungkook and Jimin or even simply eating together. Fans broke down in tears as soon as he released the footage. It has already been ten years since our debut, BTS V continued. Thank you very much, ARMYs, and with your help, we’re trying our best to stay healthy for our members for the last ten years and create wonderful memories together. View the articles here.
On the other hand, bts members leader RM aka Kim Namjoon and vocalist Jimin sent sincere messages on Weverse to express their gratitude to their fans for their love and support throughout the years.

It’s a truly wonderful thing to be mesmerized by particular phrases, wrote RM. Until a noun turns into a pronoun, BTS turns into bts news, and the army turns into the army…In addition to love, there was a lot of wind and rain. We created a world that no one else could possibly comprehend. I was able to have a unique experience that I won’t ever be able to have again because of the ARMYs and all the folks that assisted us. Looking back, I found that after being immersed in remembering for a while, I grew used to kicking open the door and departing. I’m still picturing our sequel even now. It seems like anything may happen.
The translated letter from Jimin says, “I’ve told you ARMYs a few times already, it’s not easy to support and love someone and give them strength for no particular reason,” according to “As a result, I can appreciate how content we are. You should be filled with joy and receive affection since you caused us to feel this way. You have to. Understand? Let’s enjoy each other’s company for a very long time, ARMY, for which I am eternally grateful.
While presently serving in the military, bts news musician Jhope took some time to thank his fans. “ARMYs, you’re all doing well, right?,” he wrote. I’m definitely quite anxious right now because of my military discipline! In a manner like a “scheduled text message,” I shall offer my greetings via letters on special days like these, even if it’s brief, to console all of you suffering through this Hobi-less period.

I value and adore you all, BTS Suga aka Min Yoongi said on Instagram. He posted a picture of the whole band on stage bowing to the audience in appreciation.
Seoul has become purple in the meanwhile as a result of the many activities and events planned to honor bts news’ 10th anniversary. In order to recognize the achievements of Jungkook, Jimin, RM, BTS V, Jhope, Suga, and Jin, fans have also organised their own group celebrations.

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