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GPT-4: OpenAI’s Latest AI chatbot Language Model Upgrade

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OpenAI, a AI chatbot leader in generative AI, launched its newest offering on Tuesday. The ChatGPT-equivalent GPT-4 is now available. It is a step forward from the previous generation big language model.

However, unlike ChatGPT’s debut in November of last year, this isn’t simply a web application anybody can test out for free.

What is GPT-4?

Given that AI chatbot ChatGPT very recently launched in late last year, if you’re unsure how we arrived at number 4 already, let me provide some clarification first: Since 2018, OpenAI has begun disseminating GPT language models. The most cutting-edge model was GPT-3, the third such version, when ChatGPT, its chatbot product, was published in 2022. Although Open AI’s GPT-4 is the newest and most potent big language model, if you just have access to ChatGPT for free, you’ll still be interacting with the GPT-3 model. (Well, GPT-3.5 if you want to get technical).

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How can I use ChatGPT+ to access GPT-4?

AI chatbot GPT-4 model requires a paid membership to ChatGPT+, the premium edition of ChatGPT, in order to create text at will. This is how to get that:

GPT-4 is the model being utilized by ChatGPT, but only if you’re a premium member with access to ChatGPT+, as stated on OpenAI’s announcement page for GPT-4. (sometimes styled “ChatGPT Plus”). The button on that page will take you immediately to ChatGPT if you’re signed into your OpenAI account, and if you’re a paid ChatGPT+ member, that’s it. A wonderful time!

However, you’ll have to upgrade if you’re already utilizing a free membership. Select “Upgrade to Plus” from the option on the left.

After that, you’ll see a popup explaining the benefits of the “Plus” upgrade.

By clicking the green “Upgrade Plan” button, you’ll be sent to a typical e-commerce sales page where you’ll need to provide the required details and pay $20 per month.

Once you’ve made a purchase, ChatGPT will get you quick access to the new model. No waiting list for you.

You will have the choice to utilize one of the older models or GPT-4 when beginning a new conversation via a pulldown menu. Given the significant speed disparity between GPT-4 and the others, you should pay attention to OpenAI’s caution.

Describing images

AI chatbot with regard to picture input, the improved chatbot can respond to inquiries about photographs and provide thorough descriptions of the images that are being asked about, much like computer vision.

This component of the update seems to further demonstrate OpenAI’s intention to compete with Google’s search engine, which also supports picture searches but does not yet have the ability to provide answers since Google’s Bard chatbot service is still only available to a small group of testers.

In order to assist users who are blind or partly sighted, OpenAI has also established a collaboration with Be My Eyes, a Danish start-up that matches persons with visual impairments with human volunteers.

Meanwhile, GPT-4’s ability to produce video has not yet materialized despite a Microsoft executive’s assertion.

A battle of innovation

The AI chatbot top three cloud computing providers, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services, are now all in on the generative AI chatbot area (AWS announced a collaboration with AI community Hugging Face last month), and it looks that the chatbot race is adding a new front to the struggle for global innovation.

According to Gordon McKenna, vice-president, cloud evangelist & alliances at Ensono, “There is already something of an AI arms race emerging, with the major cloud players building out their capabilities in this area – see Google’s Bard or AWS’s partnerships with OpenAI’s rivals – to persuade potential customers that they are the only home for AI innovation.”

Fundamentally, GPT-4’s advent marks a significant turning point in the development of artificial general intelligence. All of our lives will be transformed by AI chatbot.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be fueled by the exponential growth of AI during the next ten years, which will enable it to tackle use cases that are more and more sophisticated.

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