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Anushka Sharma and BLACKPINK’s Jennie steal the spotlight as influential figures at Cannes: Report

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This year’s Cannes Film Festival, which is renowned for its glitzy red carpet occasions and esteemed film screenings, saw an incredible confluence of skill and flair. Anushka Sharma of Bollywood and jennie from blackpink of the highly regarded K-Pop group BLACKPINK visited the event, enthralling spectators and stealing the show as noteworthy characters. This blog explores their distinct experiences, notable appearance at Cannes, and influence as influential figures in their respective fields.


Anushka Sharma, a Bollywood actress, and jennie from blackpink, the lead singer of BLACKPINK, both left a lasting impact as powerful individuals at the Cannes Film Festival. Jennie and Anushka attracted headlines by walking the red carpet at Cannes 2023.

Anushka enthusiastically represented India on the coveted red carpet, while jennie from blackpink attended the festival to join the cast of the world premiere of The Idol. BTS member V joined them on the list of the top five most influential people.

The most talked-about celebrities in the world this year, according to a worldwide brand monitoring firm, were jennie from blackpink, who proudly donned Chanel, and Anushka, who wore Prada at the renowned Cannes Film Festival jennie blackpink.

Global pop sensation jennie from blackpink earned a remarkable Earned Media Value (EMV) of $35.2 million, while Anushka Sharma earned an astounding $17.9 million, according to the research. These two outperformed the EMVs of other well-known people, such Blackpink’s Rose, whose EMV was $17.1 million. Lisa from Blackpink took fourth place with an EMV of $14.7 million. Kim Tae Hyung, often referred to as “V,” of BTS, took fifth place with an EMV of $14.4 million.

jennie from blackpink

Anushka made her debut at Cannes this year, and she looked amazing. She rocked the event in a white sheath dress with a bodice ruffle that exquisitely resembled a floral pattern. Anushka opted for a sophisticated updo and kept her makeup and accessories to a minimum so that the attention could be focused on the stunning dress. Along with Eva Longoria and Andie MacDowell, she visited Cannes on the second to final day of the festival. At the The Old Oak movie premiere, the three walked the red carpet together.

jennie from blackpink

Anusha’s next appearance at work will be in Chakda Xpress.

Anushka Sharma A Journey of Excellence

Anushka Sharma, an actress, producer, and businesswoman from India, has had a significant impact on the Bollywood industry for more than a decade. She is well known for her adaptable acting abilities and has acted in several highly praised movies as a variety of captivating roles. Anushka’s constant pursuit of greatness, breaking down boundaries, and dispelling misconceptions have all contributed to her success.

Anushka has expanded her career beyond acting by starting her own production business, Clean Slate Films. She has promoted original and thought-provoking initiatives via this business, giving voice to unheard tales and advancing creative storytelling.

Jennie Kim is The Force behind BLACKPINK

jennie from blackpink, a South Korean singer, rapper, and dancer, shot to fame as a member of BLACKPINK, one of the biggest K-Pop acts in the world. The trip that Jennie has taken in the music business has been nothing short of incredible. She has won over many admirers across the globe with her aggressive stage presence, unquestionable skill, and unique sense of style.

One of the most significant characters in K-Pop, jennie from blackpink has been setting records and pushing limits as a member of BLACKPINK. The group’s exuberant concerts have enthralled crowds all around the world, and their music videos have gathered billions of views on YouTube.

Anushka and Jennie at Cannes Captivating Presence

The mood at the Cannes Film Festival was energized by the arrival of Anushka Sharma and jennie from blackpink. They displayed a fantastic combination of Bollywood and K-Pop styles while dressed in breathtaking costumes that expertly merged their ethnic origins, catching the attention of both fashion fans and photographers.

Anushka Sharma, who is well renowned for her refined and graceful sense of style, wore an Indian outfit that was both traditional and modern, emphasizing her innate beauty. jennie from blackpink, on the other hand, captivated with her edgy, fashion-forward ensembles that combined parts of Korean and Western clothing.

Beyond their attire, Anushka and Jennie both radiated charm and confidence throughout red carpet appearances and interviews. They inspired innumerable people all across the globe with their grace, intellect, and clear expressions, which further cemented their standing as prominent personalities.

The Impact of Anushka and Jennie an Empowering Icons

The impact of Anushka Sharma and Jennie Kim goes beyond only their performances on stage and in front of the camera. They have developed into strong role models who encourage others to accept their authentic selves, go for their aspirations, and question social conventions.

Anushka has been a strong proponent of women’s empowerment, actively promoting themes like environmentalism and gender equality. Her business ventures, such as her apparel company Nush, encourage people to embrace their own identities through promoting inclusion and body acceptance.

Jennie Kim’s influence comes from her capacity to shatter norms and reinvent beauty criteria. She has broken glass ceilings as a member of BLACKPINK, demonstrating that skill, commitment, and originality know no bounds.

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