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Jin explains his motivation for mentioning BTS’s breakup in 2018: It was too demanding on our minds. We wanted to let everything go.

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RM, jin bts, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook make up BTS. jin from bts had mentioned the group’s breakup at their 2018 MAMA address.
BTS member jin from bts has shared his motivations for mentioning the group’s breakup in his 2018 MAMA address. On Suga’s comedy web series Suchwita, a fellow group member, jin bts made an appearance as a guest. J-Hope made a quick appearance on the program as well. BangtanTV uploaded a video of episode 12 on its YouTube account. Days before Jin went for his required military duty, the episode was taped.
Suga questioned jin bts on his MAMA statement during the program. Because at the time we were marketing Fake Love, we barely got a day and a half off each month, jin from bts said. That part truly infuriated me. We only had one day off a month for roughly three months. We had to put up that kind of effort, according to the agency, to succeed. We were aware that it wasn’t fully incorrect. “Since everything was going so well,” Suga said. The biggest year for us was 2018. We were advertising IDOL and Fake Love.
“So I just wanted to be honest about how we had felt,” jin from bts said in his conclusion. But given that it is not an easy topic to discuss, I’m sure that when our followers heard it, it may have come across negatively. But it had already passed. It was an incident that took place a year ago. Yes, we had given it some consideration, and everything worked out in the end bts member jin.

That’s why we worked so hard, jin from bts continued. But it was too taxing on us physically and psychologically. And we wanted to just let everything go. We said, “I can’t do this any longer.” Stop right here. That was our sentiment. In 2018, BTS’ office was in Nonhyeon-dong, and the members went out to a bar to drink, according to Jin and Suga’s memories.

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J-Hope and Suga praise BTS

J-Hope said, “Even up until 2018, I thought we were just underdogs.” “What I love about our members is that when we are given good content, we all voluntarily do it,” Suga stated when referring to the group’s participants.Despite being on the same team, I still consider myself very blessed to have met you guys. I made some wonderful friends. We have faith in one another and don’t anticipate any of us failing. Suga also gave the vocal line high marks.

Jin and Suga discuss the challenges of performing live music.

When we first performed, jin from bts said, “I hated singing live. It’s very challenging to sing and dance. He remembered RM, Suga, and J-Hope saying that performers needed to perform live. Jin said, “Even when we are running around, we can sing now without having to control our breathing.”

Remember what we used to do earlier, Suga recalled? We would sprint in place for 10 to 20 seconds before to singing our section. To perform live, we would put on masks similar to those used by sportsmen, which make breathing difficult and increase pulse rate.

Jin and Suga talk about their future

jin from bts questioned if RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook, and himself would all live together in 2050. Suga jokingly said that group member Jungkook would still be ‘freaking obnoxious’ at age 60. Suga concluded by stating that none of the members should change.

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