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PLRA Online Appointment Number Scheduling in 2023

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Punjab Land Records Authority, or PLRA, is an automated portal in Punjab that allows you to locate the correct owner of real land. People may readily look for important information about the property they want to purchase thanks to the digitalization of land records. At the Aarzi Record Centres – ARC, the complete search and find procedure takes just 30 minutes. will describe the organization’s basic objective, how to make a PLRA online appointment in person, and how to make a PLRA online appointment numer. We will go through the many features and purposes of the Lahore Land Record Authority, as well as the whole operation of PLRA check online using the app.

plra online appointment number

What and How to Make an Online PLRA Appointment: 

plra head office and plra online appointment number Pakistan, being one of the largest real estate markets, consistently provides profitable prospects to invest in property. With investment comes the possibility of fraud and land scams. Pakistan struck an agreement with the World Bank in 2007 for a Land Record Management and Information Systems project in Punjab. The major goal of the initiative was to provide openness and comprehensive access to land data. Furthermore, the initiative intends to improve the security of land rights holders.

The initiative was intended to provide services in 18 of Punjab’s key districts. It was, however, extended to all 36 districts in the province. As a result, the World Bank increased its assistance, and PMU (Project Management Unit) was formed the same year for the digitalization of land records. There are several aspects influencing the Pakistani real estate market, and one of them is the dependability of land.

Once the records were collected and the project was finished, the Punjab Government established the Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA). It was established under the Board of Revenue Authority by the PLRA Act-2017. The authority quickly reached key milestones, and “fard” issuing became simpler with the help of Arazi Record Centres (ARC).

Functions of the PLRA:

Land digitization is critical, particularly for preserving the agricultural land of disadvantaged farmers and landowners. The rightful owners may now get property information with the touch of a single button. PLRA online booking appointment makes it simple to arrange a PLRA online appointment.

The owner may use PLRA login to arrange an appointment on the internet and learn more about property land ownership, online fard, and property registration. Among the various functions of PLRA, a few examples are:

Digital land record services include quick Fard issuance, document attestation, and e-pass book.
16 Fard satellite booths
There are around 151 Arazi Record centres in Punjab that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The period required to register a property has been decreased from 56 days to 11 days.
That’s a quick overview of PLRA’s position and function in Punjab real estate; now let’s look at how to get a PLRA online appointment number, or, in other words, how to schedule a plra online appointment in Punjab. The procedure is simple; a PLRA consultation may be scheduled in minutes, and you can get PLRA Tokens online. Investing in top housing societies in Lahore has gotten simpler as a result of the simple verification procedure.

PLRA Online Appointment:

The Punjab Land Record Authority offers an plra online appointment booking service. People may now save a lot of time by booking appointments with PLRA. The service was offered for the first time in Punjab and was well received by landowners. Before visiting the relevant Arazi office, get the PLRA online appointment number.

For the convenience of tourists, PLRA has recently established its Universal Access System. The government has made this endeavour to enhance land records and provide many more services such as property check online. You may check the property and invest in major commercial zones in Rawalpindi and other Punjab cities for high returns.

PLRA Online Appointment

Previously, the only option to schedule a PLRA appointment was to go to the local Arazi office. It took time and was a difficult undertaking for farmers and people living in the province’s remote districts. You may arrange an appointment online and also switch to PLRA online appointment cancellation if you are unable to attend appointments.

Make an Appointment on the Website:

Before investing in real estate in Pakistan, it is important to examine many factors, one of which is property verification. If you wish to arrange an plra online appointment using the website, follow these steps:

  • Enter into your browser.
  • A screen with the tabs will appear.
  • Arazi District Record Centre
  • Date
  • Name of the individual NIC number
  • Phone Number
  • Then, decide what kind of appointment you want. Fard or mutation are both options.
  • Reservation for service
  • Available Time period
  • Fill out the form and click the green “Book an appointment” button.

You may get the online token straight from the PLRA page:”

It is important to emphasize that all appointments are free of charge.

Always review the top cities to invest in Pakistan for promising earnings and dependable investment before making a real estate investment.

E-Fard for land:

Landowners must get Fard for a variety of reasons linked to land records and registration. As a result, they must attend the PLRA office, but the throng becomes a concern when the appointment day arrives. Here are a few methods for landowners to get a PLRA online appointment number from the comfort of their own homes.

Here’s how to acquire e fard online:

Open your web browser and go to “”.
Choose from Urdu and English depending on your needs.
Select the kind of identity (CNIC, NICOP, POC, or passport) and input the necessary number.
Wait for the system to find and present the appropriate holders.
Pay the applicable charge.
The Fard may be obtained online.
Online Fard is a fantastic effort by the Punjab government, but it has severely harmed the province’s patwari culture. Real estate is becoming one of the most rewarding investments in Pakistan as a result of these initiatives.

Token through hotline:

If you wish to arrange an appointment for land records, you may do so by phoning the hotline. Landowners may reach us at:

042-39210778 042-39211794
Except on Sunday, the hotline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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PLRA app on Google Play:

Landowners may download the PLRA app on their smartphones. The software is available for download from the Google Play store. Installing and arranging an PLRA online appointment is as simple as booking via the internet. It is useful for online property searches.

plra app

Online property verification:

PLRA is a fantastic resource for online property record verification. For an appointment, call the following numbers:

0333-1222277 (042) 111-22-22-77
Complaints should be sent to the UAN at (042) 111-22-22-77.

Check your land ownership on PLRA online:

Here’s how to verify land ownership in Punjab online:

  • Go to the PLRA website.
  • On the main page, click the property registry search tab.
  • Fill up the blanks on the Digital Registration Deed Search with your information. Fill out the form to check the land register in Punjab online.
  • Service Centre for District Names
  • Enter your CNIC, Bahi, registration number, or name.

You will get a detailed record of the Mauza after you have input the data.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

  1. How can I verify property ownership in Pakistan online?
    You may verify property ownership in Pakistan online by visiting the respective provincial websites, such as for Punjab property verification and for Sindh property verification.
  2. How can I check my Punjab property tax online?
    You may check the property tax in Punjab online by going to the website “” and utilizing the property tax calculator tool.
  3. How can I verify the ownership of property in Islamabad online?
    Investors may verify and confirm property ownership in Islamabad by visiting the capital’s DC Islamabad office.
  4. How can I verify the ownership of property in Karachi online?
    Property ownership in Karachi may be easily verified online. All you have to do is go to

“” and fill out the form.

Let’s Wrap It Up:

That’s all for now on the PLRA online Appointment, which is necessary for land verification and registration. We hope that this information will assist landowners and investors in avoiding land scams and frauds. In Punjab, the PLRA is working effectively and making the land verification and registration procedure easy for everyone.

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