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Price Prediction for Terra Luna Classic: LUNC’s 14-Day Uptrend Indicates Strong Future Growth – Is It Time to Buy?

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Since late March, the technical upswing in Luna Classic (LUNC), the cryptocurrency that runs the now mostly dead original Terra network, has indicated potential price strength. Thus, optimistic price prediction forecasts are made at least for the near future.

When the UST algorithmic stable coin token on the Terra blockchain lost its 1:1 peg to the US dollar in May 2022, it caused hyperinflation in LUNC, the token that had served as collateral for it.

LUNC now trades with three zeros in front of its decimal point rather than the triple digits it originally did.

As a matter of fact, LUNC/USD was last trading at $0.000126, with each token being essentially worthless in comparison to its pre-May 2022 collapse highs in the $120 range.

However, for LUNC, things are improving right now.

The cryptocurrency is currently up about 8.8% from its $0.0001160 lows from last month, and a short-term technical bull market has been supporting recent price movement.

As of Friday, LUNC had recovered and was once again north of its 21DMA.

Price Prediction: Where Will LUNC Go From Here?

A recovery back towards prior monthly highs above $0.00013 and a possible breach above the 50DMA look to be gathering short-term strength.

This might pave the way for more short-term gains in the support that has now turned into resistance at the $0.00014 level and perhaps even on towards the $0.000155 area of resistance.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy LUNC?

Everything is conceivable in the cryptocurrency markets, and if the overall bull market continues, LUNC may attempt to revisit its highs over $0.0005 until late 2022.

However, since LUNC is a highly speculative asset at this stage with almost no intrinsic value, investors should proceed with extreme caution when considering purchasing it.

A tiny group of people still support the token, mostly those who are still grieving the things they lost in the Terra disaster last May.

However, the great majority of investors and developers have started working on new initiatives.

Thus, there is very little hope for the restoration of a functional Web3 ecosystem on the original Terra blockchain, which is bad news for LUNC’s long-term prospects.

Consider investing in reputable blue-chip cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, other reputable altcoins, or possibly, if you have a greater risk tolerance, token presales. These investments are likely to perform substantially better for investors.

Token presales have traditionally been the best method for crypto investors to get exponential returns, albeit hazardously.

Blue-chip crypto alternatives to Luna Classic (LUNC)

Investors should constantly be on the lookout to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings, even if blue-chip cryptocurrencies may continue to perform well in the next few months and years.

Participating in cryptocurrency presales is one high-risk, high-reward investment method that some investors may wish to think about.

Investors purchase the tokens of emerging cryptocurrency projects here to aid in funding their growth.

There is a lengthy history of presales providing early investors with enormous exponential profits, and these tokens are almost always offered for relatively low prices.

Many of these initiatives are supported by amazing teams and have the clear goal of delivering a ground-breaking crypto application or platform.

The risk-reward ratio of an investor’s presale investment is excellent if they are able to identify such initiatives.

To assist investors, the Crypto news crew spends a lot of time looking over presale initiatives.

Here is a list of the top 15 cryptocurrency presales for 2023, according to the project.

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