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Who is Most Popular BTS Member 2023, based on their ranking?

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We could have some news for you, Army. Even though we all adore the lads equally, there will always be certain Army members whose hearts belong to us a bit more than others. Who is your favourite from bts members, then? The seven-member male ensemble has been quite active with solo performances. If asked about your prejudice, it’s okay—ours varies often as well! Anyway, without further ado, let’s get started with the list of most popular bts member 2023. Please stick with us as we go from least to most!

bts members

Who is the most popular member in bts 2023?

This ranking is based on data from Kpop Profiles and the Global Hallyu Trend 2022 survey. Additionally, we gathered the roles from forums and K-pop profiles, while bts members has been adaptable in the positions they have held in recent years. Everyone does singing, dancing, and rapping well. Here we go!

bts members

Updated in September 2023 to include Instagram follower numbers

IG AccountsFollowers Count
7) RM @rkive43.4M
6) Suga @agustd44.7M
5) Jin @jin45M
4) j-hope @uarmyhope45.6M
3) Jimin @j.m49.4M
2) Jungkook @jungkook.9751M (last checked)
1) V @thv58.6M

7th place: RM

Kim Namjoon, formerly known as Rap Monster, comes in at number seven on our list of most popular bts member 2023. Namjoon being anywhere at all was something we did reasonably anticipate. But really, why do we have armies? We all have personal tastes, so that’s okay, lol, all joking aside. The member of bts members who likes music the most makes up one-third of the group’s rap line.
The group’s frontman and primary rapper is Namjoon. He has already collaborated on co-writing and co-producing 150+ tracks. Although this leader has an intimidating exterior, we all know how lighthearted and carefree Namjoon is.

bts members

6th place: Suga

Suga, a bts members who was born in 1993, is ranked sixth on this list of the group’s members with the most admirers. The bts members rap line is finished by Min Yoongi. He has been continuously participating in songwriting and song production, much like the other two rappers, and is already credited with over 120 tracks.
If you notice any Agust D on any solo projects, Yoongi is most likely the artist. He adopts the nickname DT, which is his name reversed and stands for Daegu Town, for his solo works. The group’s principal rapper, Yoongi, has yet to release a solo album.

bts members

5th place: Jin

Kim Seokjin, the oldest member, is seventh on the list. Everyone would use the phrase “I agree” in regards to the 1992 liner’s breathtaking image. Check to see whether the comparison to Jisoo from BLACKPINK made by some fans is accurate!
Seokjin is in charge of acting as the group’s sub-vocalist and visual. He shares primary responsibility for managing relationships with the members with RM. Since he is the senior member, it stands to reason that the younger members would undoubtedly make jokes and attempt to irritate him.
Let’s watch The Astronaut while we wait for him to return from his military service. After Jin completes his duty, I’m very confident that new music will be ready for us. And we are eager!

bts members

4th place: J-Hope

J-Hope, another friend from 1994, is now fourth on the list. 3/3 of bts members rap line member Jung Hoseok is actively involved in songwriting and song production. Just a fun little tidbit, ICYMI: he picked the stage name J-Hope in order to inspire his supporters and serve as a beacon of hope. I think he was extremely kind to say that.
He is BTS’s primary dancer, secondary rapper, and secondary singer. J-Hope also launched his self-titled first album on July 15, 2022. He is also among the oldest members of the Hyung line. We anticipate hearing Hoseok perform more solo songs in the near future.
J-Hope started actively advertising Arson, and we were now able to hear the upcoming information on his enlistment. But let’s all listen to “on the street” together since Hobi never fails to demonstrate his admiration and passion for music and the Army. His prominence in the music business may have increased as a result of this collaboration with J. Cole (and, of course, his skill).

bts members

3rd place: Jimin

The Maknae Line, or the three newest members of BTS, have now been added to the list of most popular bts member 2023. Park Jimin, the last person to join the group (but never the last in the soldiers’ hearts), comes first. Additionally, Jimin is the 15th most popular K-pop musician worldwide, according to 2022 Global Hallyu Trends. This group has become well-known since bts members came in first in the poll.
Returning to Jimin, he is another important dancer in addition to J-Hope. Even a little bit of music will cause him to start dancing right away. The group’s main singer is a member who was born in 1995. Face, the newest album, was recently released, and we hope you like it as well! Jimin has once again shown his skill as a talented musician in the K-pop scene!

bts members

2nd place: Jungkook

The golden (and favorite) maknae, Jungkook, is now ranked second on this list of most popular bts member 2023! Jeon Jungkook, who was born in 1997, was ranked 11th in the Hallyu Global Trends 2022. He has 1.5 million votes as their bias on K-pop profiles. Fun fact: Jungkook is acquainted with and chats in a group with several 1997 liner idols, like Mingyu from SEVENTEEN, DK from The8, and Jaehyun from NCT.
The primary singer, lead dancer, sub-rapper, and center positions are all under the control of Maknae Jungkook. A true all-around player! In addition, we hope you are aware that Jungkook is included in Charlie Puth’s song Left and Right. Please make Maknae’s solo debut soon!
His position on this list has been surpassed based on their Instagram followers. Earlier today, Jungkook erased and deactivated his Instagram account. He said that because he doesn’t often use Instagram, he merely chose to deactivate the account. The Maknae currently make the most of the Weverse application to speak with the ARMYs. Watch his updates and livestreams there!

bts members

1st place: V

The last two members have been engaged in a delicious struggle between second and first place consistently. In this rating, we’ll position V at the top. In the Global Hallyu Trends, Kim Taehyung got the 14th slot, barely one position ahead of Jimin. V has 1.7 million votes and the top fan bias rating on Kpop Profiles.
Taehyung is also the primary dancer and backup singer for bts members. He is a 1995-liner who earned the nickname Blank Tae from the group because of his expressionless appearance. He also made his acting debut in the drama “Hwarang” back in 2016–2017.
The internet was all over him and his Instagram account for the photographs from the most recent Elle Korea photoshoot. Who hasn’t seen it yet? If not, be sure to check out the cover shot on his Instagram and Elle Korea’s Instagram!

bts members


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