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Jin explains his motivation for mentioning BTS’s breakup in 2018: It was too demanding on our minds. We wanted to let everything go.

RM, jin bts, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook make up BTS. jin from bts had mentioned the group's breakup at their 2018 MAMA address.BTS member jin from bts has shared his motivations for mentioning the group's breakup in his 2018 MAMA address. On Suga's comedy web series Suchwita, a fellow group member, jin bts made an appearance as a guest.

Bandmate V plans to visit Jungkook to get his cooked makguksu after hearing about his military enlistment; the military goes crazy!

BTS Military For bts military and its supporters, the bts military enlistment, the subject of bts military enlistment enrollment is undoubtedly a big topic of conversation. The spotlight switched to the remaining members, especially Jungkook, who just broke his silence over his enlisting aspirations, when Jin and J-Hope started their bts

Who is Most Popular BTS Member 2023, based on their ranking?

We could have some news for you, Army. Even though we all adore the lads equally, there will always be certain Army members whose hearts belong to us a bit more than others. Who is your favourite from bts members, then? The seven-member male ensemble has been quite active with solo performances. If asked about your prejudice, it's okay—ours varies