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Odyssey of the Elite: World Top 10 Best Travel Blogs of 2023 for Global Adventures

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Are you preparing for your next journey but unsure of where to begin? You don’t need to go any farther than these top travel blogs and their websites to stoke your wanderlust and assist you in organizing the vacation of a lifetime. These 10 top travel blogs of 2023 contain everything you need, from luxury vacations to suggestions on how to travel blogs on a tight budget.


1. Nomadic Matt

Mobile Matt Nomadic Matt, one of the most well-known travel blogs websites out there, focuses only on cheap travel. Since 2006, Matt Kepnes has been exploring the globe, and on his blog, he offers suggestions and ideas for doing so on a tight budget. For tourists trying to save costs, Nomadic Matt is a terrific resource for locating low-cost flights and affordable lodging alternatives.


2. The Blonde Abroad Kiersten Rich

Blonde Overseas Travel and lifestyle writer Kiersten Rich, better known as The Blonde Abroad, writes about her experiences and offers advice for female travelers on her website. Everyone may find something to enjoy on Kiersten’s site, from luxury holidays to solitary travel blogs.


3. Expert Vagabond Matthew Karsten

seasoned nomad Expert Vagabond’s Matthew Karsten has been traveling for over 10 years and blogs about his experiences and travel blogs advice. Matthew’s blog is a treasure trove of inspiration and excitement, from trekking to scuba diving.


4. Luxury Travel Blog

An upscale travel blogs A Luxury vacation Blog is the ideal resource for anyone seeking a more opulent vacation experience. The site offers high-end travelers information and travel blogs recommendations on luxury accommodations, great food, and unique activities.


Lawyer Nomads On her blog, Legal Nomads author Jodi Ettenberg writes about her travels and culinary exploits. Travelers who want to discover different cuisines and discover the culture and history of the food will benefit greatly from Jodi’s blog.


6. The Points Guy Brian Kelly

Indicator Guy Travel guru Brian Kelly, popularly known as The Points Guy, offers advice on his site for maximizing travel benefits and points. For travelers trying to save costs and maximize their travel opportunities, Brian’s blog is an excellent resource for information on credit card rewards and airline miles.


7. Migrationology Mark Wiens

Migrationology On his blog, Migrationology’s Mark Wiens writes about his culinary explorations and travel experiences. For foodies wishing to travel blogs the globe and experience local foods, Mark’s blog is a fantastic resource.


8. Wandering Earl Derek

Traveling Earl For more than 20 years, Derek Earl Baron of Wandering Earl has been touring the globe and blogs about his experiences. Derek’s blog is a wealth of inspiration and travel advice, covering anything from cheap travel to off-the-beaten-path locations.


9. Travel Muse Kristin Addis

Be My Muse for Travel blogs Be My Travel Muse blogger Kristin Addis discusses her solo travel experiences and advice on her blog. For female solo travelers seeking for ideas and tips on solo travel, Kristin’s blog is a terrific resource.


10. Travel Hack Monica Stott

The Vacation Hack The Travel Hack’s Monica Stott writes about her experiences and offers advice for family travelers on her blog. Monica’s blog is a fantastic resource for families planning road trips and vacations.


These top travel blogs and their blogs have you covered whether you’re on a tight budget or seeking a lavish holiday. So begin organizing your next trip and let these travel blogs motivate you to see more of the globe.

11.Expert Vagabond:

Adventure traveler and photographer Matthew Karsten is the author of the travel website Expert Vagabond. The site offers stunning photos, motivational writing, and trip planning resources for readers. For adventurous travelers searching for locations and activities off the usual path, Expert Vagabond is a fantastic resource.

12.The Blonde Abroad:

California native Kiersten Rich, who left her job to explore the globe, runs the travel blogs The Blonde Abroad. The site includes trip guides, suggestions for traveling, and motivational tales from Kiersten’s journeys. The Blonde Abroad is a go-to resource for female travelers since it also provides travel training and materials for independent female travelers.

13.Be My Travel Muse:

Travel blogger Kristin Addis, a lone female traveler who has visited more than 60 nations, runs the website Be My Travel Muse. The site includes trip guides, suggestions for traveling, and motivational tales from Kristin’s journeys. Be My Travel Muse is a fantastic resource for ladies wishing to travel alone since it also provides travel training and tools for female solo travelers.

Former attorney turned travel blogger Jodi Ettenberg runs the website Legal Nomads. The site includes trip guides, suggestions for traveling, and motivational tales from Jodi’s journeys. For tourists interested in sampling regional cuisine, Legal Nomads is an excellent resource since it also emphasizes food and culture.

15.The Planet D

Dave and Deb, a Canadian couple who have been traveling the globe together for more than 20 years, are the authors of the travel blog The Planet D. The site includes trip itineraries, suggestions for traveling, and motivational tales from their adventures. The Planet D specializes on adventure travel as well, making it a fantastic resource for those seeking heart-pounding adventures.


Mark Wiens, a cuisine and travel writer, runs the travel website Migrationology. The site includes suggestions for mouthwatering foods, travel advice, and location guides from Mark’s trips. For those interested in discovering regional cuisine and experiencing real culinary culture, Migrationology is a terrific resource.

17.Wandering Earl:

Derek Earl Baron, a long-term traveler who has spent more than 20 years on the road, is the author of the travel blog Wandering Earl. The site includes trip guides, suggestions for traveling, and motivational tales from Derek’s journeys. Wandering Earl is a fantastic resource for anyone wishing to work remotely while traveling since it also provides travel classes and information for aspiring digital nomads.

18.Never Ending Footsteps:

Briton Lauren Juliff, who has been traveling since 2011, runs the travel website Never Ending Footsteps. The site includes trip guides, suggestions for traveling, and motivational tales from Lauren’s journeys. Never Ending Footsteps is a fantastic resource for travelers who are dealing with these problems since it also focuses on mental health and anxiety.

The Poor Traveler:

Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos, two Filipino travelers who want to see the globe on a tight budget, are the authors of the travel blog The Poor Traveler. The site offers trip information, travel suggestions, and helpful ideas for thrifty vacationers. The Poor Traveler is a go-to site for travelers trying to save costs on their journeys since it also provides a number of services, such as visa guidelines and travel plans.

There are many additional travel blogs worth checking out in addition to the ones listed above. Here are few more that are deserving of mention:

  • The Points Guy: Brian Kelly, a well-known authority on accumulating and using travel points, runs the popular travel blog The Points Guy. The site offers suggestions on how to maximize your travel rewards and save costs on accommodations and flights.
  • A Luxury Travel Blog is a travel website that specializes on luxurious travel encounters. Reviews and trip recommendations for opulent hotels and resorts may be found on the blog.
  • The Travel Hack: From the UK, travel blogger and journalist Monica Stott runs the The Travel Hack. The blog offers location recommendations, travel suggestions, and guidance on family travel and low-cost travel.
  • Hand Luggage Only: Yaya and Lloyd, two friends who love to travel, operate the travel website Hand Luggage Only. The site offers recommendations to popular vacation destinations, practical advice, and gorgeous images.
  • The Everywhereist: Geraldine DeRuiter, a writer and speaker from Seattle, runs the travel website The Everywhereist. The blog includes travel advice, trip information, and amusing tales from Geraldine’s own experiences.


There are many excellent travel blogs available that provide a lot of knowledge and inspiration for international travel. There is a travel blog out there that suits your interests and requirements, whether you are a luxury traveler, a budget traveler, or somewhere in between. Start your search for the blog that speaks to you now!

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